Les Grands Mythes

Producer : François Busnel

Documentary broadcast on Arte France

Immerse yourelf in Homer’s Iliad, where men, heroes and gods clash, into the legendary Trojan War. During this conflict, the Greeks went to siege the great city of Troy, to recover the beautiful Helen, kidnapped by Paris to her husband, the King of Sparta, Menelaus. After a ten year siege under the high walls of the city, the war turns to the advantage of the Greeks thanks to the famous Achilles.

« Les Grands Mythes » was a very interesting project in cooperation with Oscar B studio. I had to realize the 3D modeling of the Gods  and few Heroes, for the season 2 : L’Iliade.

I was glad to participate to this project, gathering 3D art and greek mythology.

Diffused on Arte Channel

You can find below, the screenshots (and the timing) of the characters i made for this project.