L'Odyssée Interstellaire (Living Universe)

L’odyssée Interstellaire (Living Universe)

Producer :  Vincent Amouroux
Documentary broadcast on Arte France

A very interesting project supervised by the studio Fauns (Lyon). A space adventure to conquer an exoplanet, like the earth, where new forms of life are waiting to be discovered. The project was lead by scientists, who validated all the production. They insured the documentary credibility and study the possibilities that could be realized in a near future.
I realized different parts of the mothership, as well as modeling several creatures that we will discover on this 2nd earth.

What you can see in the gallery below, are my contributions to this projects as Modeler/Texturer 3d Artist.


Hard Surface

Brain Modeling

Containers Modeling

Shuttle Modeling

Radiator Modeling

Navigation Tools Modeling

GPS Modeling

Lander One Modeling


Fossil Modeling

Firefly Modeling and Texturing

Crab Modeling and Texturing

Sea Creature Modeling and Texturing


Englih version Full Documentary